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Stark safes

Stark srl is a leading company in Europe for home and commercial safes and security systems production and the group boasts 50 years experience in the steel carpentry field. Stark has been the first, since the beginning of the ‘90s, to introduce the laser cut technology in the safes production and, recently, of its evolution thanks to the 3D cut.

The production

Constant innovations, automatisms and know-how are the basic force points in the productive field. The laser or plasma cutting centres guarantee the greatest precision in the manufacture of all the armoured components, while the robotized welding islands and the assembly lines ensure a constantly high level of the assembly product, all assisted by CAD-CAM coordination. The severe computerized testing of each piece along the finishing line guarantees absolute security and reliability of the locking system.

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    • Cassaforte serie Brick
    • Cassetto Royal
    • Casseforti Reception /Office
    • Serie International
  • Other products

Quality and security

The characteristics of the Laser System production process result in a gap of only 2/10 mm between door and one-piece frame effectively preventing the introduction of levers or the safe-breaking instruments and forming an efficient barrier against flame-cutting. The innovative branded range Konika ®, thanks to the 3D laser cut between door and frame that doesn’t permit the breaking of the door itself, is unequalled for technical specifications and has no comparison on the market. Finishing accuracy and particularly attractive aesthetical solutions make it an unmistakable italian design product.

The range

In order to satisfy any functionality, security and design need it is available a wide and articulated range of wall and free-standing safes, rifles cabinets, with many different locking systems (double bitted key, electronic motorized, electromagnetic, key and three dials combination, disc combination, time-delay, homologated locks), while cash boxes, handgun safes and fire proof boxes complete the offer.

The service

An efficient sales and logistic network allows a widespread distribution on all the domestic territory, besides a growing presence in many foreign countries. We provide a direct after-sales service, that, on request, assures a quick and effective on-site service.

Stark PDF Armoured plated cabinets and safes for furniture
(бронированные мебельные шкафы и сейфы)
Stark PDF Hotel Safe
(гостинничные сейфы)
Stark PDF International (Hotel Safes)
(международные гостинничные сейфы)
Stark PDF Price list
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