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Rosengrens was founded by Edvin Albert Rosengren in Gothenburg, Sweden as long ago as 1847.

E A Rosengrens Safe Factory, as the company was originally known, started out as a blacksmiths with a limited range of light safes. But the company soon grew and before long was manufacturing heavier safes, safe deposit lockers and vault doors.

Rosengrens history Rosengrens history

Key Events
1897 Edvin Rosengren received a gold medal at the Stockholm trade fair for one of his safes
1931 E A Rosengrens became the first company to officially test safes for fire-resistance
1958 We then became the first company to officially test safes for burglary-resistance
1963 We produced the first resettable key lock
1994 Rosengrens was acquired by the Gunnebo Security Group

Quality Rosengrens

Rosengrens’ secure storage products have always been renowned for their quality. From the early award-winning safes of Edvin Rosengren to the unique triple protection Cassio range of today, our products have met and exceeded customer expectations throughout the decades.

Rosengrens old safe Rosengrens new safe

Our products undergo rigorous testing on two fronts:

  • Product life-cycle tests carried out by the factory according to Rosengrens Quality Guidelines.
  • Burglary and fire testing carried out by independent test laboratories. These laboratories certify our products and these certifications guarantee that a safe or vault will provide a particular level of burglary- or fire-resistance.

The majority of our factories are ISO 9001-approved. ISO 9001 is the accepted international standard for quality management systems.

As a member of the Gunnebo Security Group, Rosengrens shares Gunnebo’s commitment to quality.


Rosengrens is committed to acting responsibly towards the environment and works actively to minimise the impact our business has on the world around us.

The majority of our factories are ISO 14001-approved. ISO 14001 is the accepted international standard for environmental management systems and helps us to establish a more resource-efficient production process.

When designing a new product, we also take into account every aspect of that product’s environmental impact throughout its life-cycle. The choice of materials is carefully considered with a view to being able to recover and recycle as much of the product as possible once it is no longer used.

As a member of the Gunnebo security group, Rosengrens adheres to Gunnebo’s environmental policy and its commitment to creating a sustainable business. - сайт компании "Rosengrens"

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